What’s New In Google Maps?

eclick on google map

The team of Google Maps did some design work for clearing some of its clutter and created a clean and clear look all over the board ? it’s an update that had hit desktop, iOS and Android recently, . When getting rid of some elements like road outlines, this update even added a new and fresh feature, which actually highlights the ‘areas of interest’ or active neighbourhoods.

The areas of interest are shaded in light orange now. They are those places where plenty of activities are carried on & many things can be done. As per Google Maps blog, the areas are basically determined by the algorithmic procedure which enables us to point out the areas that have highest concentrations of bars, shops and restaurants, though some more human action is obviously needed for determining the busiest areas in regions such as New York City that have a high-density.

Here is the new feature that’s in action showing some of the busy neighbourhoods in Oakland, California.

Apart from the new highlights, Google Maps is even getting twitched to the colour scheme, which must make it effortless and simple to recognise everything ranging from hospitals & highways to natural features and parks. In other of its latest updates, Google Maps had even mentioned about its support for multiple destinations on mobile & higher resolution satellite images.


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