Negative Space in Logos : Some Clever Examples

Great logos do more than just saying the name of the company. They capture the style, tone of voice as well as the personality of the brand. However, the style and personality of the brand may come through in the logo choice by thoughtfully crafting or choosing the typography, color palette and the minute details […]

Mistakes Often Made By Small Businesses When It Comes To Website Designing

If you are a small business and have a website, then remember that it’s an important piece of your marketing & branding efforts. You may definitely be wanting your visitors to be coming in to your website for a specific reason in that case & ensure that you answer all their questions & be able […]

3 Common Misconceptions About Social Media

Although the world of social media is evolving constantly with new updates and trends, and new platforms are being introduced all time, fundamentals of social media tend to be the same for businesses. But still there are many misconceptions about social media. It is good to have presence on all social media channels A lot […]