Negative Space in Logos : Some Clever Examples

Great logos do more than just saying the name of the company. They capture the style, tone of voice as well as the personality of the brand. However, the style and personality of the brand may come through in the logo choice by thoughtfully crafting or choosing the typography, color palette and the minute details such as kerning of font, use of the white space or negative space, gradients and the shadows applied. But among all the designs, some logos may be considered to be the best because of the hidden details they contain through the creative and clever use of the negative space.

A negative space, after all, is simply a space surrounding the object in the illustration. Just as crucial as the object itself, a negative space is also important. It helps in defining the boundaries of the positive space and brings a balance to the composition.

Nowadays, the world is experiencing the emergence of the artists creating the positive spaces as well as shapes, which in turn, carve the shapes out cleverly in the negative space by design. And the outcomes are simply stunning. FedEx is one of the best examples, with negative space in between the alphabets D and E creating the arrow. Adding the hidden symbols, signs and meanings within the logo help to show off the subtle part of the personality of the brand and even make for a more thoughtful and memorable design.


We are a professional and experienced custom logo design company and have brought together a collection of cleverly crafted and beautifully designed logos, which all make use of the negative space for filling out the image and adding the extra level of style, depth and creativity.
We hope you will find these logos a great source of inspiration for your next designing project.







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