Mistakes Often Made By Small Businesses When It Comes To Website Designing

Web Designing

If you are a small business and have a website, then remember that it’s an important piece of your marketing & branding efforts. You may definitely be wanting your visitors to be coming in to your website for a specific reason in that case & ensure that you answer all their questions & be able to use your site to sell your products/services. But if you get your website designed wrong, you may lose a lot of your valuable dollars, which you could be making from a well designed, properly functioning site. So, make sure you don’t make these following mistakes as a small business when designing your website.

Putting urgency over comprehending your target market

Rather than getting the website done quickly, you should first research your target audience in your niche; and then design the site based upon the research. For example, if your target market is aged, your front size needs to be bigger. Or if the product that you’re offering is meant for younger demographic, then you should make the site smartphone compatible. You must be able to determine where your users must go once they visit your site. That question can easily be answered if you’re aware of the market.

Design is too flashy or busy

Our company, Eclick Softwares and Solutions, is a web design and development company, & we are aware of the fact that to be successful on the internet you should focus on marketing your site and not a flashy design. Your design mustn’t only be focused on bringing the users there but even getting them to the right direction once they reach the homepage. Moreover, flashy sites do not look good on tables or mobile phones and a huge majority of internet users now visit sites from wireless devices.

Call to action not clear

What do you actually want your users to do when they’ve found you site? Do you want them to purchase your product, get in touch with you or subscribe to your newsletter? You have to tell your visitors what’s the next step and when. The content of your website must answer the question, ‘what’s in for the visitor?’ and then the call to action tells them what they should do next.

Content is stale or out-of-date

Customers want your site to have the latest information about your products/services/company. When a site doesn’t have it, they start thinking that the business does not exist any more or isn’t innovative or ahead of the competition. The content must thus address the requirements of the customers and be updated as things change.

According to you what web design mistakes can drive you crazy? What do you think?


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