Important Elements For Any Web Design

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Although every web designer does have a different plan when it comes to developing a website, there is a common checklist that all web designers follow when providing their web design services. Those elements are the ones that every website must include.


Space is an important design tool as it dictates everything from readability to the flow. The designers are starting to use space in a manner that we didn’t see on web for a long time. Many of the site designs have increased spacing between lines, vast spaces and overall use of the open space. Consistency is spacing is very essential. Same kinds of elements must include same spacing. Amount of space between lines in a para must be same.

Space is also essential when it’s about creating a focal point for the users. A text or an image surrounded by a white space is going to look bigger and more crucial than one that’s crammed into tighter or smaller location in design. It’s even important to keep in mind that space isn’t white all the time. It refers to lack of elements and can be a background colour or texture.

Simple navigation

It includes tools, which help the users navigate via a site. Websites with parallax scrolling, for instance, include directional arrows for making the website user friendly. Easier it’s for people to use & navigate all through the site, more will the people stay in it and interact with it. Just remember that users want a few basic things from the navigation like an idea about where they are on the website, a way to go back to the home page and so on. So design the site accordingly.

About us

It’s very much essential for a small site owner or business to tell the users who actually they are. So, the ‘About Us’ page should tell users who they are and what they do. It may outline the company objectives or mission or vision or the history of the company. This page can even be a place for user testimonials & success stories. It can also serve as a gateway to the related pages or social media profiles.

Sometimes what happens is that an About Us page gets too long. The page needs to be simple and should give users enough information to be interested about the company and not bored. The design should also be kept interesting.

Contact information

Contact information basically appears in either of the two ways ? in main navigation/header or as a contact us page with an expanded information or a form. Any of the options can work pretty well, depending on the design of the site. The main point is making it visible. Having a contact information like a phone number, form to contact the owner of the site or physical address adds legitimacy to the site & business.

Call to action

Most of the time, a website is the gateway to an action. It makes a sale possible, offers contact details and useful information to the visitors. But all these become possible when there is a proper design of call to action. Only than does the action become obvious and lead users to it. Techniques like colour, space and contract also helps in leading users to the right button. No matter what the call to actoon is, it must be placed in the appropriate location & prominently sized. One of the most popular call to actions is a signup form.


This option is usually helpful for someone who wants to find an old information or something that they have seen before on a site. This is where search comes on. It is an important tool for repeat users. The search box should be designed in an unobtrusive way and easy to use. It should be big enough to type terms that are in your website. The search box is usually located at the top right corner of a website ? that’s the most popular place.


Footer is designed at the bottom of the page. It’s a great location for a small company information, site map, contact details, links and contexting your site. But you need to make sure that the footer is simple, useful and easy to use.

Button styles

Every button on a website must be recognisable as a button. It must have the same design, shape and feel irrespective of the location or purpose. Creating a unique set of buttons may be a daunting task for websites with several clickable items.


People love seeing things in action. So, it would be great to create stunning visuals for drawing users to your website. Great illustrations or images are an easy way of doing this – you can show people, products or whatever you want to for enticing users to your site. Hire an illustrator or photographer for developing & creating a set of images for your website. Rather than using stock images use custom images to get a unique visual experience.

While there are many essential components to effective web designing, the above mentioned are the most important ones. So, no matter what all designers make sure to design sites with images, footer, buttons, search, calls to action, contact information, about us, simple navigation and space. If these elements are overlooked, they can break or make a complete site design.


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