How Can I Improve My Website Traffic?

Some successful entrepreneurs have shared their thoughts regarding how to increase organic traffic to websites. Have a look at them:

Focus on long-tail keywords

lawrence-watkinsGone are those days when we used to focus only on a single keyword for every page. Nowadays giving importance to long-tail keywords is all that’s needed for better conversion. I can recommend you a tool, which is popular in the market as HitTail. The tool can drive targeted search audience to your site by putting a focus on the organic keywords that are most relevant in your traffic.
~Lawrence Watkins, Great Black Speakerssource

Do link building in an ethical way

Christopher-KellyKeyword-embedded links are basically the basis of an off-page SEO and what’s best about it is that they come free. All that needs to be done is that you need to ask your partners, vendors, clients, press and other credible sources who you often communicate with for embedding the hyperlinked keywords to your website for terms, which you’re targeting. If your referring source has got a high PR, you can see increase in your rankings very quickly.
~Christopher Kelly, Convenesource

Use the Keyword Tool of Google

patrick-curtisUsing the Keyword Tool of Google for finding long-tail keywords and then structuring content around them is a great way to build some traffic and engage users. But remember one thing that your content’s headline should be attention-grabbing and useful to the readers. This is the most effective way to increase traffic to a website.
~Patrick Curtis, WallStreetOasis.comsource


Produce quality content

John-HallThe search engines are basically rewarding people as well as companies who are focusing on consistent and high quality content. Things like author rank are also having a big impact on organic search results. So, putting a plan in place is essential not only for creating and posting content online, but even to maximize the value of content so that it’s distributed properly across the social media platforms and has a great chance of going viral.
~John Hall, Influence & Co.source


Provide immense value to your readers

Liam-MartinGuests posts and blogging is the quickest way of building site traffic. But it is important to note here that content marketing is not about submitting quantity content bit quality. If your content is horrible, people won’t bother reading it or sharing it with other people. And if neither of these things are done, then the content strategy really needs to be taken care of.
~Liam Martin, Staff.comsource


Get active on social media

images (3)It is very important to have a solid presence on social media networking platforms these days. Create a Facebook page, post new articles on Twitter, make use of Tumblr for gaining followers, set up a Google+ page, pin all your articles on Pinterest, take some photos related to your niche with Instagram and submit articles to Digg and Reditt. But just having account and sharing content through these social channels is not going to work. You must be active in the community as well. For example, if you have a Twitter account, join group discussions with relevant # (hashtags). If your audience is leaving comments on your posts in Facebook, answer those and engage with them. Also make sure to post content to LinkedIn on a daily basis.
~S.K. Motahar Hossain, Eclick Softwares

Consider SEO

Danny-WongSEO is a good way of increasing traffic to a site. But for doing this, you need to create useful content, which your readers as well as Google will find it valuable. Visitors usually stay on a site for long when they find a piece of content interesting and enjoyable. After reading it, they may even share it with others on social networking sites. The media and bloggers may even use your site as reference if they find useful information there-all these mean more organic links.
~Danny Wong, Blank Labelsource

Create a company blog

Jay-WuUse this blog for writing about your niche. Do keyword research carefully to find out the key phrases that are used by your target audience and try including them in your blog postings. But the blog must have a visible link back to the target page of your site, only then it will increase your site’s visibility.
~ Jay Wu, A Forever Recoverysource


Advertise your site

0462290Advertising the website is a great way of increasing traffic. If you’ve money, you can think of PPC. You can also advertise in magazines, local newspapers, Yellow Pages. I have seen a lot of people/companies using the world of mouth technique or turning their cars into a moving ad. Believe me to not this can also drive traffic to your site.
~Amelia White, Wikiepedia


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