Hashtags: Definition, Uses And Methods Of Using Them


A hashtag is denoted by a pound sign #. It’s used in social media in front of the phrase or word you want to turn into a hashtag. It follows simple rules: no spaces, punctuation or special characters ? #WebDevelopmentCompany. Capitalisation however matters for readability.

Why use it?

There are several reasons why you should use hashtags.

1. Hashtags can help you get found by your target audience. There are a lot of people who research by searching on particular hashtags. Using particularly those hashtags, which are of interest to your customer may thus increase your chances of being found.

2. Hashtags basically improve the clickthrough rates. It has been found out that tweets with hashtags get twice as much engagement in comparison to the ones, which doesn’t have any hashtag. In other words, your engagement can be doubled and clickthrough rates can be increased by using hashtags. However, there is a limit to the usage. Tweets having more than 2 hashtags saw a drop in engagement by seventeen percent. Too many hashtags actually look spammy. But this isn’t the same on Instagram.

3. Hashtags are simply great for research. You can easily find good, relevant content by searching on particular hashtags. It has been found that tweets having hashtags are more focussed on a topic than the one’s which mentions only the phrase.

How to use them properly?

If used rightly, hashtags can help businesses communicate with their target audience, increase brand awareness, build impressive networks and monitor the popularity of your brand. But if not implemented in the right way, it can backfire. So, all that you need to do while using it in social media is:

  • keep it simple, short and relevant
  • use customised hashtags
  • do not overuse it in a single post
  • make it more of a call to action
  • test it before using
  • do not hashtag just everything

For example, here are some tips from Eclick Softwares, an expert on social media optimisation services, on how to use hashtags on Facebook.

  • Don’t use more than 1-2 hashtags per post
  • Use hashtags that are detailed & specific connecting you with your audience
  • Hashtag around super trendy topic

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