Mistakes Often Made By Small Businesses When It Comes To Website Designing

If you are a small business and have a website, then remember that it’s an important piece of your marketing & branding efforts. You may definitely be wanting your visitors to be coming in to your website for a specific reason in that case & ensure that you answer all their questions & be able […]

3 Common Misconceptions About Social Media

Although the world of social media is evolving constantly with new updates and trends, and new platforms are being introduced all time, fundamentals of social media tend to be the same for businesses. But still there are many misconceptions about social media. It is good to have presence on all social media channels A lot […]

Hashtags: Definition, Uses And Methods Of Using Them

A hashtag is denoted by a pound sign #. It’s used in social media in front of the phrase or word you want to turn into a hashtag. It follows simple rules: no spaces, punctuation or special characters ? #WebDevelopmentCompany. Capitalisation however matters for readability. Why use it? There are several reasons why you should […]

Advantages Of Eclick Softwares PHP Framework

Our clients often ask us if they can get any benefit by having Skeleton, our own PHP framework, on their site. It actually depends on the goals of the website as well as what functionality is needed for supporting those goals. That said, for most of the organisations and businesses we encounter, Eclick Softwares and […]

Eclick Softwares Highlights The Email Marketing Essentials

Due to the ballooned attention that mobile marketing and social media have been getting for quite some time now, email marketing may sound like an outdated concept to many. It is even considered dead by a good number of individuals. But that is where they make their mistake, because reality appears to be quite opposite […]

How Can I Improve My Website Traffic?

Some successful entrepreneurs have shared their thoughts regarding how to increase organic traffic to websites. Have a look at them: Focus on long-tail keywords Gone are those days when we used to focus only on a single keyword for every page. Nowadays giving importance to long-tail keywords is all that’s needed for better conversion. I […]