Advantages Of Eclick Softwares PHP Framework

Advantages of PHP Framework

Our clients often ask us if they can get any benefit by having Skeleton, our own PHP framework, on their site. It actually depends on the goals of the website as well as what functionality is needed for supporting those goals.

That said, for most of the organisations and businesses we encounter, Eclick Softwares and Solutions‘ own PHP framework known as Skeleton is the best content management system as well as e-commerce framework. It’s functionality can be extended to fit most of our client’s needs.

For 2016, businesses should have a CMS website, which is easy to use, maintain, operate, manage, as well as fast, secure, lightweight and user friendly. Skeleton, in that sense, is great in various ways:

Easy to use, manage & maintain: Eclick Softwares user friendly content management system is cost-effective & easy to use. It is available for small to medium sized businesses. It enables non-technical users to take control of the site and update the information on ?the site easily and immediately without learning any complicated web designing programme or HTML. Skeleton has been used for many practical applications on the site.

Some applications, which we have build using our framework are the following:

  • CMS website
  • E-commerce
  • Social Networking Site
  • News Portal
  • Bloging Site

And some modules, which we have incorporated in our system are the following:

  1. Control of the online gallery
  2. Use products into the online shop
  3. Enable user generated information like testimonials, news, images to be uploaded on the website
  4. Upload documents for public/member download
  5. Management of proprieties for sales
  6. Generation of newsletters
  7. Online membership & their order management and many more


header management

Flexible menu manager: The menu manager enables to create as many menu as well as menu items as needed. Menu hierarchy can even be structured completely independent of the content structure. One menu can be put in several places & in any style that you want. Automatic breadcrumbs are even generated for helping navigate the website users.

menu manager

SEO friendly: Skeleton allows for customisation of page title, meta keyword, meta description, H tags and breadcrumb navigation. The drop-down navigation menus are not build using Jquery, Flash or JavaScript but rather they are developed with CSS. Our CMS can also produce SEO-friendly URLs, which are a must for website optimisation. It can add rel=canonical tag & customise it on a per page level. There are also many SEO friendly features of our content management system. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more.

search engine module

Other benefits: Skeleton is reliable, fast, secure and lightweight and has a powerful caching support. It helps web developers to find the errors in programming easily and fix them up instantly in web applications. It is compatible with many web servers, operating systems & platforms and can outperform many of its competitors.

There are also other great features in Eclick Softwares’ own in-house content management system. To dive in deeper, get in touch with Eclick Softwares support team.


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