5 Popular Myths That Dominate The ASO Game

5 Popular Myths That Dominate The ASO Game

Billions of people all over the world are using smartphones and buying apps. According to reports, sixty-three percent (iOS) of app customers report browsing in app store for discovering new apps. App creation & purchasing is thus on rise. It’s growing day by day. It happens to be a big business and its for this reason that App Store Optimization has turned out to be red hot for the search optimization experts and marketers. But there are lots of mythologizing and mythbusting going on. Along with each and every myth, you will get a dosage of truth, which will help you in dominating the ASO game here.

  • Myth 1– It is important to change the title quite often in order to adapt to high-ranking searches.
    Truth– You just need to pick a title & stick with it. The only thing is you need to follow certain tips in order to make it good. The title should be short (25 characters), creative, unique and must have a keyword.
  • Myth 2– Keywords are not that important.
    Truth– Keywords are undoubtedly an important aspect of ASO. They need to be incorporated naturally in the title and the description but not stuffed in. The titles that had keywords witnessed a 10.3% higher ranking than those titles that didn’t use the keywords in them. Android Market and App Store both have algorithms, which use conventional search methods i.e. keywords. So, it is better not to avoid them.
  • Myth 3– It is all about ratings.
    Truth– Although ratings play an important role, they are not everything. They have an impact on the user’s likelihood for tapping through or downloading an app but they aren’t as important as people think they are in affecting the rankings of an app.
  • Myth 4– If the app is on the store, people will definitely find it.
    Truth– The app needs a lot of downloads in order to be recognized. Apps that have been downloaded more rank high. To increase the app downliads in an organic way, it is best to opt for traditional way of marketing which includes, content marketing, social media, mailing lists, PPC, etc. Don’t build up downloads artificially to boost the rankings because algorithms are able to determine spammy download methods.
  • Myth 5– Description isn’t that essential.
    Truth– Description is one of the most important things in ASO. It is important for both App Store and Google Play. It has the capability to induce users to download the app, which in turn can have a great algorithmic impact upon the rankings.

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