3 Common Misconceptions About Social Media

Social media misconceptions

Although the world of social media is evolving constantly with new updates and trends, and new platforms are being introduced all time, fundamentals of social media tend to be the same for businesses. But still there are many misconceptions about social media.

It is good to have presence on all social media channels

A lot of you may think if you create accounts on all social media platforms for your business, your business is going to flourish even more. If you think this way, you are wrong! Having presence on all social media platforms is not needed. This is because not all platforms may be suitable for your business. So, there is no need to waste your time and budget for this. Rather what you can do is study your target audience, find out in which platforms do they have presence and create accounts only on those channels without wasting your resource, time and budget.

More the number of likes for your business profile page, more successful you are in social media

How many likes does your business profile page have? 5000 Likes? That means you are quite popular in social media and successful in your social media activities. Don’t ever think this way and evaluate any business profile page in social media on this basis. The number of likes or followers doesn’t indicate how successful you are in social media. You need to have great level of engagement, which means if you have 5000 Likes and only 50 people commenting, sharing or liking your content ? the level of engagement is somewhat redundant. It doesn’t really make any difference if there are no engagements to your posts. Comments, mentions and shares are the big guns when it comes to amazing results on social media.

Social media platforms can give you instant results

When you post anything on social media platform, for example say you update your status on Facebook or upload your LinkedIn page, engagement may be pretty instant as follows, likes and shares. But when it comes to tangible, actual results for business objectives, this may take a bit more time. If you’re using social media for generating more enquiries through your site, you first need to find your target audience and create a good reputation with them through social media to generate those enquiries. This obviously is not a job of a few hours. It is going to take time unless it’s a popular page like that of Amazon or Ebay. So, when you are in social media, you ought to have patience.

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